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Untold Stories of War

ISBN: 9789403428475
Pagina's: 44
Verschenen: 2020
Ontwerp omslag: Ava Molleson

By Ava Molleson and Eva Steinhorst


Most of what gets published about war zones is written by a remarkably small group of people.

Soldiers, journalists, politicians, public intellectuals: these are the people we turn to in times of crisis.

And yet, in turning to these people we miss something very important. We miss the voices of the displaced, the victimised, and the oppressed. The voices of the voiceless.

This book is here to help change that.

Containing seven beautifully illustrated stories of conflict—from the Balkans to Africa, and beyond—these are the untold stories of war.

Image Editing: Frances Payne and Roselyn Aurelia Payne

Copyediting: Daniel Gloerfelt-Tarp, Niek Eduard Franciscus van der Kuijl and Frances Payne


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