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Sales! How to create the most unique commercial DNA

ISBN: 9789492190154
Pagina's: 214
Verschenen: kleineUil BusinessBoeken,
Ontwerp omslag: Diane Lippe


The ultimate customer service concept and generating (continuously growing) revenue are a going concern for many organizations. How much untapped potential exists within any given organization?

By designing a commercial organizational DNA, with distinctive elements called ‘Golden Stars’ in the cultural and structural domains, you create the best customer journey and gain more control over your revenue.

How many structural and cultural Golden Stars do you have?

It is important for a DNA to be commonly experienced throughout the organization and to be managed without concessions. Only then a learning effect will take place, which will lead to surprising results: you will be able to better serve your customers, and you will generate higher revenue, with a higher margin.

Sales, a word that is misinterpreted in many organizations, is the most rewarding profession there is: creating the most value for customers in the broadest sense. In this book, Wessel Berkman describes how to develop and implement a unique commercial organizational DNA – with an extreme focus on optimally serving customers by viewing their wishes as ‘needs’, and more importantly as ‘latent needs’, and looking for ways to solve them all in a very broad sense.

Create the most advantage, be the best ‘latent need solver’ in everything you do!